Woodland Creatures Mum & Bub's Kit - Labels


A carefully chosen and tested selection of gentle blend recipes for new Mums & Babies.


Be Happy Mum

Be Calm Mum

Tiger Stripes (stretch marks)

Milk Mum (lactation support)

Baby Tummy

Baby Sleepy

Baby Cool (fever support)

Tiny Teeth (teething support)


The Mum & Bub's Kit contains the labels for these 8 fabulous blends.
Included are 8 oil & waterproof vinyl printed 45mm x 45mm square labels which are suitable for 10ml roller or 30ml atomiser bottles. PLUS 8 lid labels so you can easily identify your bottles in pouches, boxes etc.

*Bottles can be purchased seperately.

*If you also require recipes please see the seperate recipe listing, however if you are conducting workshops you can purchase 5 or more label sets and I will include matching recipe cards free of charge for you to use for your workshop. 

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