The Women's Kit - Recipe Collection


The Women’s Kit is a carefully selected set of 7 blends to support the busy life of women.

Be Happy
Be Calm
Sweet Dreams
Immunity Booster
Flu Bomb
Head Tension
Happy Hormones

Included are recipes for the above 7 blends plus instruction & dilution information.

*bottles are available seperately for purchase from Life Less Toxic
*If you require labels please see our Women's Kit Label listing.


You can print as many copies as you like for yourself or to conduct workshops etc. However, these are not to be altered or rebranded in any way and I request that you please do not share the digital file as I have priced them reasonably so they are affordable for everyone to purchase. 

  • Tip

    Please dont use methylated spirits to clean your bottles prior to applying metallic labels as it can cause lifting.

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