The Ultimate Essential Oil First Aid Kit

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This First Aid Kit contains the essentials to ‘Be Prepared’, leaving enough room to add band aids, pain killers or other bits you may require. Includes the required bottles, labels and First Aid pouch. Perfect for those who prefer natural remedies and a low tox / no tox life. Great for camping and around the home.

Included: 3 x 5ml PET plastic rollers, 3 x blank nasal inhalers, 4 x 20ml PET plastic atomiser bottles, 1 x salve tin, 1 x First Aid case - dimensions approx 23cm x 14.5cm x 6cm


Waterproof vinyl printed labels for the following blends:

20ml atomisers;
Swelling & Sprains, Digestive Support, Wound Cleaning, After Sun

5ml rollers;
Muscle Cramps, Headache, Spider Bite

Nasal Inhalers;
Breathe Easy, Shock & Calming, Hay Fever, Super Salve, Simple Salve

*This kit is a DIY product, all bottles / tins etc are empty, ready for you to fill with your own oils. *The recipe collection is available for purchase seperately. 

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