Purple Floral Family Essentials Collection


10 Roller Labels

5 Atomiser Labels

3 Cleaning Spray labels

1 Fractionated Coconut Oil label

15 Lid Labels


Seriusly what more could you want!


A comprehensive, perfect selection to get you set on your essential oil journey. These blends can all be made up with the oils from your doTERRA Essential Collection or Home Essential enrollement kit plus Wild Orange essential oil.

You will recieve the oils & waterproof vinyl labels for:

5 x 30ml sprays - Refreshing Mist, After Sun, No Nits, Hand Sanitiser, Insect Repellent  PLUS matching lid labels

10 x 10ml rollers - Soothe & Heal, Head Tension, Immunity Support, Flu Bomb, Focus & Energy, Chill Out, Chest Support, Stuffy Nose, Tummy Trouble & Sweet Dreams PLUS matching lid labels


3 x 500ml cleaning sprays - Surface, Bathroom & Glass


1 x  500ml Fractionated Coconut Oil (cos you know, matchy matchy)



10ml roller labels 40mm x 45mm

30ml atomiser labels 40mm x 45mm

500ml 70mm x 90mm

Lids 17mm


Recipes for these blends are available for purchase seperately from my online store.

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